Jake Williams

Jake Williams is the Executive Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence at SCYTHE. Williams is an IANS Faculty Member and also works as a SANS Analyst. He is a prolific speaker on topics in information security and has trained thousands of people on incident response, red team operations, reverse engineering, cyber threat intelligence, and other information security topics. Jake is the two time winner of the DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge, a recipient of the DoD Exceptional Civilian Service Award, and is one of only a handful of people to ever be certified as Master Network Exploitation Operator by the US Government.

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Challenges in Control Validation
Jake Williams, Alissa Torres, AJ King, Kristen

Testing security controls is hard. Really hard. Every incident responder has lived with victims who are sure existing security controls should have prevented or detected the intrusion. While some organizations don’t do any security control validation, those that do understand the challenges. While red team operations allow for point-in-time validation, how are organizations dealing with control validations during product updates or configuration changes? By and large the answer is “they aren’t.” On this panel, we’ll discuss why control validation is difficult. Then we’ll discuss recommendations for scaling control validation operations in practically any organization.

Main Stage (In-person)