Carson Zimmerman

Carson Zimmerman has been working in cybersecurity for about 20 years. In his current role at Microsoft, he leads an investigations team responsible for defending the M365 platform and ecosystem. Previously at The MITRE Corporation, Carson specialized in cybersecurity operations center architecture, consulting, and engineering. In his early days at MITRE, Carson worked in roles ranging from CSOC tier 1 analysis, to secure systems design consulting, to vulnerability assessment. Carson recently co-wrote 11 Strategies of a World-Class Cybersecurity Operations Center, available at


Making Your SOC Suck Less
Carson Zimmerman, Sebastian Stein, Shawn Thomas, Alissa Torres, Jackie Bow

The Security Operations Center: is it really more than a place to go where dreams die? So many analysts feel that there’s no way to improve and they’re in a dead end job. How can you turn your nightmare into something more bearable? By the end of this panel, you will gain a series of tips and tricks to take back to your SOC, you will learn how to get the most from your individual experience, lift up your team around you, or at least recognize when it’s time to run like mad.

Main Stage (In-person)