Danny D. Henderson Jr (B4nd1t0)

With 14-years career in the U.S. public sector and 11 years with ICT, Danny now works at SecureWorks in Bucharest as an L3 SOC Analyst. His skillset includes digital forensics, threat intelligence, malware analysis, with small touch of Offensive Security. Outside of the Security field, Danny is working on a passion video game project as the Fearless Leader of the Sacred Star Team and is fond of fantasy tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

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Obsidian Forensics: Using Chainsaw to Identify Malicious Activity
Danny D. Henderson Jr (B4nd1t0)

When time is of essence in IR, having a tool to quickly collect data from Windows Event Logs is the way to go. We'll LET IT RIP with Chainsaw, hosted by B4nd1t0 as part of Project Obsidian.

Blue Team Village’s Project Obsidian is an immersive, defensive cybersecurity learning experience that provides attendees with the opportunity to gain knowledge of Incident Response (IR), Digital Forensics (DF), Reverse Engineering Malware (REM), Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), and Cyber Threat Hunting (CTH).

Project Obsidian: Track 0x41 (In-person)