Toni de la Fuente

I’m founder of Prowler Open Source, tool for AWS security best practices. I also worked for AWS as security engineer and security consultant. I’m passionate about FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) in general and Information Security, Incident Response and Digital Forensics in particular. I like everything related to cloud computing and automation. I have done some things for security and the Open Source community like phpRADmin, Nagios, Alfresco BART (backup tool). I’ve also contributed in books and courses related to Linux, Monitoring and AWS Security for Packt Publishing.

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Blue Teaming Cloud: Security Engineering for Cloud Forensics & Incident Response
Cassandra Young (muteki), John Orleans, Misstech, Andrew Krug, Toni de la Fuente

Whether you’re in AWS, Azure or GCP, cloud security engineering doesn’t stop at basic guardrails and sending logs to a SIEM. So how do you engineer for the challenges unique to cloud forensics and incident response? This panel of cloud security engineers and incident responders will share their experiences and insights to help you take your security engineering from “just the basics” to “prepared for the inevitable”.

Main Stage (In-person)