Michael Epping

Michael Epping is a Senior Product Manager in the Azure AD Engineering team at Microsoft. He is part of the customer experience team and his role is to accelerate the adoption of cloud services across enterprise customers. Michael helps customers deploy Azure AD features and capabilities via long-term engagements that can last years, as well as working within the engineering organization as an advocate on behalf of those customers. Michael has more than 9 years of experience working with customers to deploy Microsoft products like Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365.

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Improving security posture of MacOS and Linux with Azure AD
Mark Morowczynski, Michael Epping

Most organizations have Windows, MacOS and Linux in their environment. Typically many of the security controls that are applied to Windows are not applied to MacOS or Linux, due to the size of the footprint and the difficulty of implementation. This can lead to holes in an organization's overall security posture as well as a poor end user experience.

Recently, Azure AD has released some new functionality to help improve the overall environment security posture for MacOS and Linux, both servers and clients. We'll discuss how these pieces work deep down and some best practices on deploying them.

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