Ben Bornholm

Ben (@CptOfEvilMinion) is not new to creating workshops as this is his third time creating a DEFCON workshop, yet he has never actually been to DEFCON in person until this year! Ben crafted his whimsical presenting style from being President of RIT’s security club previously known as RC3.

During the day Ben fights off cyber hooligans as a DART engineer at At night Ben is the author of his blog where he discusses topics in security that interest him such as incident response, threat hunting, Osquery, and DevSecOps.

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Project Obsidian: Panel Discussion
Omenscan, plug, Ben Bornholm, CountZ3r0

Project Obsidian crew members talk about how they put it all together.

Blue Team Village’s Project Obsidian is an immersive, defensive cybersecurity learning experience that provides attendees with the opportunity to gain knowledge of Incident Response (IR), Digital Forensics (DF), Reverse Engineering Malware (REM), Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), and Cyber Threat Hunting (CTH).

Main Stage (In-person)