Apurv Singh Gautam

Apurv Singh Gautam works as a Threat Researcher at Cyble. He commenced work in Threat Intel 3 years ago. He works on hunting threats from the surface and dark web by utilizing OSINT, SOCMINT, and HUMINT. He is passionate about giving back to the community and has already conducted several talks and seminars at conferences like SANS, Defcon, BSides, local security meetups, schools, and colleges. He loves volunteering with Station X to help students make their way in Cybersecurity. He looks forward to the end of the day to play and stream one of the AAA games Rainbow Six Siege.

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Practical Dark Web Hunting using Automated Scripts
Apurv Singh Gautam

How can you effectively hunt data from the dark web using scripts? How can you circumvent scraping defenses on the dark web? If you are curious about the answers to these questions and want to learn how to effectively write automated scripts for this task, then this workshop is for you. In this workshop, you will learn why collecting data from the dark web is essential, how you can create your tools & scripts, and automate your scripts for effective collection. The workshop's primary focus will be on circumventing defenses put by forums on the dark web against scraping.

Workshops (Virtual)