Neumann Lim (scsideath)

Neumann Lim is a manager at Deloitte where he leads the cyber detection and incident response teams. Prior to this role, Neumann spent years working with large enterprises and governments specializing in incident response.

With 15 years of infosec experience, he enjoys analyzing malware, reverse-engineering and vulnerability research. Neumann has been invited to share his thought leadership at conferences such as Grayhat Conf, Toronto CISO Summit and CCTX.

In his off time, Neumann participates in CTFs and mentors new students interested in infosec while maintaining active membership of various security organizations such as DefCon, HTCIA, ISC2 and EC-Council.

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Take Your Security Skills From Good to Better to Best!
Neumann Lim (scsideath), Tanisha O'Donoghue, Ricky Banda, Kimberly Mentzell, Tracy Z. Maleeff

Why dwell in the lobby of the Security field when you could be enjoying the view from the penthouse? Get insight from our esteemed panel on how to stay up to date on hacker news, increase your technical skills, and be aware of opportunities for professional development. Our panel will also discuss the importance of sending that elevator back down to help others so that our entire industry can grow and thrive, just like you will. Open up your ears and your mind and enjoy the gems that will be dropped.

Main Stage (In-person)